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Let's find you a home that fits your budget.

Don't let rates scare you. 

The Fitzpatrick Team has partnered with Mortgage Equity Partners to provide you with an accurate mortgage you can afford, but also the education on the homebuying process. Not only will we help you understand your money, but we will help you find a home that’s perfect for your budget. 


Reach out today for a custom quote.

Let's make it happen for you.

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Start shopping homes online,
with Digital Homebuying.

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Lower your mortgage payment with Mortgage Equity Partners.

Lower your mortgage payments for the first, second and third year with the Fitzpatrick Team Paydown Program. The cost of the loan payment reduction is paid at closing by the seller. The fees collected at closing will cover a portion of the monthly payments for the 2, or 3 year program.


The Fitzpatrick Team Paydown Program is provided by Mortgage Equity Partners, and it’s not a guarantee, but a financial strategy to help buyers in today’s market. Conditions apply and are available to all conventional, FHA and VA Loans.



NMLS #680542

Direct: (401) 239-0388

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