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Post-Closing Checklist

Congratulations, You’re A Homeowner!

I like to follow up periodically to ensure the transition is smooth and to help in any way that I can. 

You’ve done it. You’re home. You own part of 'the dream' and have made an investment in long-term wealth by paying your own equity. In the process, you’ve also acquired many new responsibilities and concerns. There are mortgage payments to make, records to keep, and maintenance work to complete.


Below are a few tips for any new homeowner.

Mortgage Payments

Every month you’ll receive a statement from your lender reminding you that your mortgage payment is due.  Some lenders can automatically deduct your monthly payment from your checking account. This saves you time and postage costs. And it can prevent the possibility of missing a payment. Be sure to discuss with your lender on what is the most efficient way to make payments.  

Furnishing and Renovating

You’ve just moved in. Most of your belongings are still in boxes. But you’ve decided the first thing you want to do is redo the first-floor bathroom, buy new furniture for the living room and strip the wallpaper from every wall in the house. Acquiring a home requires some adjustment, especially when you’re making it yours. Tackle the projects that are needed first, then slowly address the wants.  Remember that you have time!

Papers To Keep

You should keep a copy of every document you signed at the closing, more often than not attorneys will store these signed files on a USB drive for you. It’s especially important to keep a copy of your settlement form. It will be useful when you file your taxes and if you ever sell your home. In addition to the closing documents, you should keep all insurance records, such as homeowners and title insurance. You would need to have access to your homeowner's policy if, for example, someone were to sue you because they were injured on your property. And you would refer to your title insurance policy if you were to find a flaw in the title after you bought the house.

Home Maintenance

Your mortgage requires that you adequately maintain your property and not allow it to deteriorate. And as a homeowner, you can’t afford to sit back and postpone maintenance. You can extend the life of appliances and fixtures and avoid expensive repairs by performing routine maintenance yourself. I work with a number of qualified professionals; from painters to contractors, and I am happy to refer to you in the event that you need their services.  

Reviews & Feedback 

Real estate is a referral-based industry and the power of a positive review goes a long way.  If you have any positive feedback on our time working together, please consider a review on the following platforms.  Thanks in advance and talk soon!







Thank you again for your trust throughout this process and for leaving me feedback, I appreciate your time and business and look forward to working together in the future! 

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